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This website provides information for people living with cancer who, together with their loved ones, are exploring radiation therapy as a treatment option. Radiation, alone or in combination with other cancer therapies, can be used to successfully treat many different types of cancer.

Learning you have cancer can bring on a flood of feelings and concerns.
Finding out as much as you can about the disease and ways to treat it can
be overwhelming and confusing. As you prepare for treatment, it may help to learn as much as possible about what you may experience.

Radiation therapy techniques and procedures may vary among different doctors, hospitals and treatment centers. Be sure to ask questions if you are concerned that the advice of your doctor is different from what you read here, or in other publications



Cancer doctors usually treat cancer with radiation therapy, surgery or medications including chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and/or biologic therapy, either alone or in combination.

If your cancer can be treated with radiation, you will be referred to a radiation oncologist a doctor who specializes in treating patients with radiation therapy. Your radiation oncologist will work with your primary doctor and other cancer specialists, such as surgeons and medical oncologists, to oversee
your care. He or she will discuss the details of your cancer with you, the role of radiation therapy in your overall treatment plan and what to expect from your treatment.


All our patients who were treated at the Brian Lara Cancer Treatment Centre

between the period 4 June, 2009 to 13 June, 2010 are invited to call our centre

at 624-6117 to discuss any concerns which you may have. We also invite you

to schedule a medical consultation with one of our Radiation Oncologists,

Dr. Arvind Verma or Dr. Peter Bovell, by also calling this same number

(624-6117). This consultation will be conducted at no additional cost. We welcome

you to address every concern, clinical or otherwise, with the staff at our centre.


The Brian Lara Cancer Treatment Centre remains committed to providing

quality care to all our patients.